Forward-Thinking Utility Knows the Value of Advanced Technology

Greenville County, South Carolina, encompasses an area approximately 795 square miles with a population of over 500,000. The water and wastewater infrastructure servicing the county is intricate and robust, and includes over 350 miles of pipes

connecting the community, and providing for future growth and development.

Renewable Water Resources Greenville, South Carolina

For almost 100 years, Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) has been responsible for the county’s wastewater infrastructure, and manages eight water resource recovery facilities (WRRF). This oversight includes purifying more than 40 million gallons of water per day from homes, businesses and industries. ReWa operates 83 pump stations and nine water treatment facilities. Each facility contains a self-sufficient water treatment process with onsite power generation and sometimes thousands of gauges, flow meters and storage tanks depending on the facility size.

Since 2002, ReWa relies on AVEVA’s System Platform SCADA system integrated with WIN-911 remote alarm notification software to monitor and alert the team about any abnormal operating conditions. This involved a complicated process of the SCADA system calling a mobile phone; operators would then stop work, answer the call, input a unique identification number and then enter an acknowledgement. This process could take up to one minute. While this doesn’t seem very long, this is critical time lost during possible emergencies. Additionally, since these alarm notifications were transmitted via cell phones, if the operator was in a part of the facility without good [cell] service, the call might break up and the entire identification input process would have to be repeated.

Upgrading Technology

In 2020 ReWa, WIN-911 and MR Systems, the systems integration company with whom ReWa partners to implement technology, identified opportunities to improve the WRRF alarming systems by deploying the more streamlined, technologically advanced WIN-911 mobile solution. Tony Jones, ReWa business analyst, reached out to Ed Noyes, application engineer with MR Systems. Jones worked closely with Noyes, who listened to Jones’ concerns and designed a system that met ReWa’s high security requirements, improved the ease and efficiency with which operators can monitor and action SCADA alarms, and deployed a pro-active monitoring system to notify ReWa technology personnel in the event of a system issue.