Innovations in Project Management Consulting Services

For the Water Utility Industry

At Bellwether Consulting, our mission is to support meaningful change by helping water utilities leverage technology to better serve their local communities. Our goal is to become your preferred implementation partner within the industry. 

Bellwether Consulting provides exceptional project management training, project management consulting services and more. We can help your organization assess and prioritize IT projects, and develop roadmaps to deliver capabilities that provide the most value across the short, medium and long terms.

Bellwether’s proven track record successfully bridges requirements and communications between IT and Business Teams. Our process ensures your projects are deployed on time and on budget. 

Our Services

Project Management Training

  • 20 years of project management experience
  • Numerous formal training classes from recognized industry experts
  • A decade of mentoring experience 
  • Deep understanding of successful project management practices

Portfolio Planning & Execution

  • 10 years of Portfolio Planning experience
  • Knowledge of all aspects of lifecycle management, demand planning, budgeting, forecasting, execution and value realization
  • Proven track record of managing technology portfolios and projects of all sizes

Business Process Analysis

  • A career spent working with people, leveraging the right technology to deliver the most valuable capabilities
  • Skilled at facilitating business discovery and driving requirements
  • Able to bridge communication and drive clarity across key stakeholder groups

Areas of Expertise

  • Financial Management
  • Contract Management
  • Risk Management
  • Team Building & Coaching
  • System Architecture
  • Software Development Lifecycle

Did You Know...

We usually think of sheep as followers, but in a flock, one sheep must lead the way. Long ago, it was common practice for shepherds to hang a bell around the neck of one sheep in the flock, thereby designating it the lead sheep. This animal was called the bellwether, a word formed by a combination of the Middle English words belle (meaning “bell”) and wether (a noun that refers to a male sheep, or ram. 

Customer Case Studies

Forward Thinking Utilities Know the Value of Advanced Technology

Expert Advice & Insight

Bellwether Consulting’s leader is Tony Jones, a highly accomplished Program and Project Manager with progressive experience managing multi-million-dollar IT projects in a dynamic, high-paced global environment. Tony is forward-thinking, with an excellent track record of deploying projects from concept to completion on time and within budget. Tony’s certifications include PMP (Project Management Professional), Agile Scrum & Product Owner Certified combined with a strong Software development background that is well-suited to technical projects.

Tony started his career as a software developer building applications within the Customer Relationship Management domain. He then quickly branched out to managing technology implementations across Finance, Supply Chain and Customer Service. Tony has worked for companies ranging from a small “boutique” dev shop to a large multi-national Fortune 500 company. 

After gaining 20+ years experience working in most of the Technology disciplines, (development, testing, business analysis, project and portfolio management), as well as being a “consumer” of technology staffing for much of his career, Tony is well acquainted with the skillsets required to build highly functioning technology teams. He saw an opportunity and started Bellwether Consulting, a technology consulting firm aimed at providing “white-glove” technology staffing to companies of all sizes. Bellwether now has four full-time consultants and continues to grow!


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